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Absolute Essentials of Purification and Prayer

1. If a person were to reply to salam whilst praying would the Salah become invalid?
2. A person has had a back operation and cannot stand due to this. We know that standing is Fard in Salah. If he prayed sitting down would his salah be valid?
3. Which of the following actions would render the Salah invalid?
4. If one has injured their arm and is wearing a plaster which cannot be removed, what must be done whilst performing wudu?
5. We know that the 20 mins before Maghrib are considered to be from the Makruh times to pray. If a person still needs to pray Asr, what should be the course of action?

Jamia Masjid Hanfia Presents: 



The Fiqh Series 


Absolute Essentials of Purification and Prayer 


The seeker will learn the basic and most important aspects of Taharah and Salah. Purification and prayer is at the core of our worship and knowing them thoroughly is obligatory upon every Muslim. Therefore, all are invited to join these sessions in order to increase their knowledge and perfect their worship. 


This is a weekly course and will run online until the end of lockdown. 


Start Date: Tuesday 26th January 2021 – Every Tuesday 


Time: 7:30PM – 8:15PM 


Online Platform: ZOOM 


Instructor: Mawlana Kamran 


All are welcome 




If you would like to register for this course, please send your full name to madrassahhanfia@gmail.com or alternatively send a WhatsApp message to 07440574114